The meeting place for Cleantech Companies and Investors | May 18-19 2022 | Hybrid Event


Here are the list of companies who are pitching at our upcoming Cleantech Venture Day, held online on the 21st October 2021.View the full agenda here.

Smart Cities

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Kubos Semiconductors Ltd

GB – TRL 4-6

Kubos is developing a material technology, using unique IP, that significantly improves green LED and red microLED performance, saving up to 700mTCO2e over 5 years in the lighting and displays. Kubos will licence this IP to LED companies.

Mimicrete Ltd

GB – TRL 4-6

Mimicrete: Advanced Materials for the Future of Infrastructure. Mimicrete is an advanced materials science startup developing novel self-healing concrete. The technology was developed via a doctorate within the University of Cambridge’s Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group in the Department of Engineering.


Estonia – TRL 7-9

R8tech is a prop-tech company with clients all over the Europe from Finland to Portugal. Over 750.000 sqm of premium class commercial buildings benefit from R8tech SaaS already, including a cooperation with CBRE, Radisson Blu, WeWork etc. Our HQ is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

ISCLEANAIR Global Solutions - IGS Ltd

GB – TRL 7-9

ISCLEANAIR pursues the development, the IP’s transfer, the industrialization and commercialization of the APA (Air Pollution Abatement) technology and related tech solutions and services.

APA is the first real technology innovation in the world which doesn’t make use of filters nor chemicals at all, it is based on simple water.


GB – TRL 7-9

Zedify is transforming the way deliveries in cities happen with a tech driven system that can halve the price of deliveries whilst removing vans and creating the liveable cities of the future.

Zicon Limited

TRL – 4-6

Zicon was set-up specifically to introduce new methods of building that could provide a huge boost to affordable housing supply. Its concentration is on high quality, low carbon materials that both simplify and speed the build, making it a more attractive proposition for builders and developers.

Energy Solutions

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Focal Sun

GB – TRL 4-6

FocalSun is an Anglo-Italian solar-to-hydrogen technology company that is developing decentralised hydrogen production. FocalSun team and partners are experts in solar and hydrogen production. FocalSun is based at Cranfield University and is partnering with them to develop our localised hydrogen production solution.

Geyser Batteries Oy

Finland – TRL 4-6

Geyser Batteries is a Finnish cleantech startup that offers high-power heavy-duty energy storage solutions based on novel proprietary water-based electrolyte, and unique engineering and manufacturing know-how. Our batteries have the lowest carbon footprint across the industry, and they are fully fire-safe.

Global OTEC

GB – TRL 4-6

Global OTEC has designed a floating platform capable of converting solar heat energy stored in the oceans into renewable baseload power.


GB – TRL 7-9

Hydrologiq turns a complex hydrogen supply chain into easily-deployable solutions, unlocking and accelerating the transition to Net Zero for off-grid assets. Through a single platform Hydrologiq brings together the hardware, fuel, and software to deploy and manage hydrogen generators. Making it easy to ditch diesel today.


GB – TRL 4-6

STAG-Tech is a UK wind-turbine manufacturer focused on producing affordable, clean electricity in emerging markets. Due to its low Levelised-Cost-of-Energy (LCOE), containerised transport and crane-less installation, STAG-Tech’s turbines are ideal for distributed energy consumers (mines, industry, agriculture, energy access etc.) – complementing solar PV while offsetting expensive/polluting diesel and battery.


GB – TRL 4-6

Sunswap are displacing diesel transport refrigeration units with the first cost-competitive battery and solar powered alternative. Refrigerated fleet operators such as supermarkets need a solution to address tighter regulations and the removal of the red diesel tax subsidy in 2022.

Circular Economy

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Bio-Sep Limited

GB – TRL 4-6

Bio Sep has developed a proven and patented biorefinery process that uses ultrasonic reactors to convert the by-products of forestry and sawmill operations, where only 55% of wood harvested is turned into timber, into sugars, cellulose and pure lignin, with each £1 of sawdust converting into £6 of pure biochemicals.


GB – TRL 4-6

Circla is an e-commerce platform that delivers products from a curated selection of independent and aspirational beauty, lifestyle and home care brands. Our unique closed-loop reuse and refill packaging system eliminates the need for single-use packaging.

Hope Resources Ltd

GB – TRL 7-9

Hope Resources has an innovative and operational advanced Waste to Energy process. Unlike the standard incinerator/gasificaiton/pyrolysis model the process, vacuum reforming, can accept any form of carbon based waste and convert it, with zero emissions, into Syngas which is further refined into Fuel cell grade Hydrogen and Captured Carbon Dioxide.

Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd

GB – TRL 4-6

LSF has a developed a radical new process to convert used hydrocarbon feedstocks and produce low sulphur distillate and naphtha. The distillate can be used in biofuels or as a refinery feedstock to make new specialty chemicals. The naphtha can be used to make new plastics and specialty chemicals.

PuriFire Labs

GB – TRL 4-6

PuriFire Labs’s patent-pending hydrothermal liquefaction technology (HTL) drives circularity in waste by using industrial waste heat and solar power to  convert waste into unique value-added products such as animal feed, biofuel and biochar.

Radiant Matter

GB – TRL1-3

Radiant Matter is a design-led material innovation company, developing biomaterial solutions that utilise cellulose structural colour technology. It is our mission to reduce microplastic pollution and hazardous chemical leakage by replacing harmful petrochemicals, minerals and synthetic colourants used in textiles and fashion with naturally degradable marine-safe materials.

Energy Efficiency

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Ripple Energy

GB – TRL 7-9

Ripple is a clean energy ownership platform. We enable households and businesses to part own large scale wind farms and have the green, low cost electricity they produce supplied to them via the grid by our utility partners.

Solaris Photonics

GB – TRL 4-6

Solaris Photonics is developing breakthrough Solar Energy Technologies to increase the power generated per square meters and lower the Levelised Cost of Energy.


Finland – TRL 7-9

SpinDrive improves the energy efficiency of industrial processes by providing active magnetic bearings to equipment manufacturers. SpinDrive solution increases system efficiency by at least 10%, which enables a 2-year payback time. SpinDrive system is completely maintenance-free, which reduces the overall equipment maintenance costs by 80%.


GB – TRL 7-9

Steamology zero emission energy solutions address three markets with common technology:

  • Zero emission steam for industrial applications
  • Zero emission diesel engine replacement power 250 kW to Megawatt scale, mechanical, electrical, hybrid drivetrains for trains, trucks, ships transport or static applications
  • Renewable Energy (RE) storage and power generation

Zaphiro Technologies

Switzerland – TRL 7-9

Zaphiro is a leading Swiss deep-tech company in the Smart Grid domain. Our premier grid monitoring and automation solution helps power utilities integrate more clean energy technologies in the electricity grids while maintaining a high quality of service for their customers and optimizing system costs.

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