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Airponix represents the most advanced technology for food production today – using no soil, at least 85% less water, radically increasing crop yields at significantly less cost.


Arriba brings the latest power electronics technology to the commercial buildings arena to deliver the world’s highest yielding, most economic solar-self-consumption and battery storage systems.


CCm Technologies has developed a method of producing fertiliser and soil conditioner through the use of captured CO2 from industrial power generators.


The Cheeky Panda is a multi award winning company creating sustainable, skin friendly tissue paper products from Bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant. The Cheeky Panda® is for people who love to have fun, care about their well-being and are willing to help make the world a better place.


Cryptocyle makes use of blockchain technology to transform the effectiveness of recycling Deposit Return Schemes.


Cumulus Energy produces grid-level energy storage batteries with minimal cost of storage, using patented battery technology.


Finno Energy has developed a clean, pressure-gain combustion process for power generation in microturbines. We are first to successfully employ the Humphrey cycle (pressure-gain) technology in microturbine size range.


Greenely collects, analyses and visualizes households’ energy behavior and utilizes behavioral data science in order to help them invest in a sustainable energy home – all without the need for hardware. Since the release of the service in 2017, over 23 000 households have connected their homes to this platform and Greenely hopes to reach well above 40 000 households by the end of 2018.


Hydraloop, a smart innovative and certified domestic grey water recycling system, that saves water and energy by recycling 85% of domestic water without the use of filters, membranes or chemicals. The Hydraloop is stylish, fully automatic, user friendly, self-cleaning, has low maintenance and comes with a handy smartphone app.


Joulia uses a scalable heat recovery module which is invisibly integrated into a slim channel in the shower floor, and efficiently recovers heat energy from the warm shower water as it goes down the drain.


LightFi’s vision is to make old buildings into smart buildings that cater to our wellbeing while being energy efficient at the same time. LightFi’s WiFi based occupancy sensors give building managers real-time insights into how their buildings are used.  It proactively optimises HVAC and automates lighting to improve wellbeing and productivity while saving energy. LightFi transforms old buildings into smart buildings without changing infrastructure.


Energy storage has the potential to generating a total system saving of £10bn per year by 2050. Current products predominantly use lithium-based technology; Nemein is offering an exciting alternative – an innovative thermal energy storage system (TESS), considered a vital and integral part of a safer, more environmentally friendly cleantech economy.


ORIGEN POWER is developing a process that uses natural gas to generate electricity in a way that removes carbon dioxide from the air.


OXFINITI specialises in providing an innovative super oxygenation system for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment.


Quant Co has developed a tool with superior intelligence for managing energy storage, for a problem too complex for humans alone to solve, which helps it to optimize the timing of energy use like never before. Using AI, it allows customers to rapidly adapt to fluctuations in energy usage and rates. It learns and adapts, continuously taking advantage of new opportunities.


Saietta means ‘thunderbolt’ in the Italian Apennine dialect of their Co-Founder Lawrence Marazzi. The company aims to shake up electric drivetrain technology: to turn preconceptions on their heads; and to radically reinvent convention.


Sea Sleeve has an ambitious plan – to create renewable energy from the sea.


Solar Polar provides air conditioning and refrigeration for vaccines and food storage using a solar thermal powered absorption refrigeration system to make cooling modules which may be mounted on a flat surface or in open air.


Virta Ltd provides leading-edge smart charging services for EV drivers and companies. It empowers its customers to support the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy.


VORDAN is a new diesel generator set that consumes 95% less diesel than conventional diesel generators. In addition to diesel, it can also work with solar and electrical energy, thus producing clean and cheap energy. This will help address issues around carbon emissions and lack of access to electricity in underserved communities of developing countries.


Wimao designs and manufactures ecological materials and biocomposite products made of recycled materials.


Zero Hertz Systems Ltd (ZHS) is specialised in delivering Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) system solutions, equipment and related expert services for utility power distribution. The company’s mission is to enable cost effective development of power distribution and multi-objective exploitation of distributed energy resources.


8power is a UK-based innovative technology company specialising in self-powered wireless sensor solutions for industrial plant applications.