The meeting place for Cleantech Companies, Investors, and Corporates | 11th Jan 2023 | London


After receiving well over 70 applications from 7 cleantech sub-sectors, Cambridge Cleantech is proud to announce the list of companies who are pitching at our upcoming Cleantech Venture Day, held in person on the 11th of January 2023.


Agenda available here.

Energy Transition (Generation and Storage)

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TRL 4 – 6 | Series A | UK, London | Female Founder


Remove methane from water and use this captured methane as a new source of renewable energy.

Chimera Energy

TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, London


Cutting-edge multi-chemistry battery technology for an affordable, safer and cleaner future.


TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, London


A floating platform which uses ocean thermal energy conversion to general affordable, clean, baseload power for tropical island nations.


TRL 4 – 6 | Series A | UK, London 


IPG’s tackling the dirty secret of the energy transition: diesel generators.

Essential for energy security in construction, hospitals, data centres, and even wind farms, this is a $30bn opportunity without a clear net-zero replacement. Our clean-and-green alternative, the IPG Flameless Generator, unlocks this by delivering pollutant-free power from any fuel.

Open Hydro

TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, London | Female Founder


To meet net zero targets, hydropower needs to double its capacity. It provides 70% of global renewable energy yet concerns about its emissions and climate risk exposure create concerns, leading it to only receiving 2% of climate-aligned energy investment. Our platform, built on sector-specific knowledge, provides analysis that resolves investors’ concerns.

Wase Limited

TRL 7 – 9 | Series A | UK, Bristol


WASE is unlocking the power of waste(water) to make it the fuel of the future. Our customers save 10-20% on energy & water rates. Get a sustainable and secure supply of water and energy that is produced onsite with no CAPEX, using our proprietary modular Electro-Methanogenic Reactors (EMR).

 Circular Economy

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Bio-Sep Limited

TRL 4 – 6 | Series A | UK, Melton Mowbray


Bio-Sep has developed a proven and patented biorefinery process that uses ultrasonic reactors to convert the by-products of forestry and sawmill operations, where only 55% of wood harvested is turned into timber, into sugars, cellulose and pure lignin, with each £1 of sawdust converting into £7 of pure biochemicals.

Cambridge Smart Plastics Limited

TRL 4 – 6 | Series A | UK, Cambridge


We make barrier packaging solutions sustainable using a novel nanocellulose coating technology developed at the University of Cambridge. It is 0.03mm thick and allows plastic packaging to become a total oxygen and water vapor barrier, which today is achieved only by metallisation (i.e., coating aluminum onto it).


TRL 7 – 9 | Seed | UK, London


EPOP challenges the status quo towards a true frictionless payment workflow that promotes sustainability.

EPOP does through a technology platform connecting consumers and retailers, in doing so EPOP Generates Digital Receipts for Consumers removing 2.5g of carbon per paper receipt and it Empowers Deep Customer Behaviour Insights for Merchants.

FlexSea Ltd

TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, London


At FlexSea, we develop novel biomaterials to replace single use plastics in various verticals. Our materials are derived from naturally occurring seaweed biopolymers from widely cultivated red seaweed strains. They are truly home compostable, unlike most other bioplastics on the market, decomposing in natural environments such as soil, marine ecosystems.


TRL 4 – 6 | Series A | UK, Oxford


re-universe is the leading reuse and recycling platform that delivers behaviour change through incentives and convenience for citizens alongside exceptional data for brands, producers, and administrators. re-universe supports companies and organisations targeting net zero by providing a commercially attractive solution to increase reuse and recycling and reduce carbon emissions.

Zori Tex

TRL 1 – 3 |Seed | UK, London | Female Founder


Zori Tex are innovating in technologies that enable the availability of sorted textile feedstocks  for closed loop recycling.


Future Transport

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Cambridge Electric Transport Limited

TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, Cambridge


Founded in 2017 as a sustainable transport innovator; launched Bizbike commuter e-bike share service, working with Cambridge employers to encourage staff to switch from cars to bikes. In 2020 launched its Community E-bike Service for towns and villages. Developing CitiPod, a 4-wheel e-bike/microcar to make cycling safer and more inclusive.



TRL 7 – 9 | Series A | UK, London


ENSO is developing sustainable tyres for electric vehicles, delivering sustainable mobility by improving the performance and environmental impact of tyres.



TRL 7 – 9 | Series B | UK, Bedford


Zero-emission aviation (drones, air taxis, electric aircraft) collectively represents the 3rd revolution in aerospace, and Greenjets is developing electric jet engines that will power this  market. The key problem we are addressing in this market is noise and safety, recognised as key barriers for the market in achieving its potential.



Emission Reduction / Climate Mitigation

Innox Nova SP Z o o (Real Carbon Tech)

TRL 7 – 9 | Seed | Poland, Warsaw


Patent-protected solution offers direct CO2 and Hydrogen to methanol conversion faster and cheaper than traditional methods. They have built a 200 TPA demo installation of direct methanol synthesis.



TRL 7 – 9 | Series A | Spain, Valladolid


Reforestum is a platform bringing brands and consumers together to support forestry projects they trust. Through a technology stack that promotes traceability and includes AI and satellite monitoring, our users can track the impact of the nature-based solutions they are funding which drives higher commitment to climate change mitigation efforts.


Weather Trade Net

TRL 4 – 6 | Seed | UK, London | Female Founder


Through a unique combination of deeptech, climatetech and fintech the Weather Trade Net startup helps companies to assess and manage their climate-related physical risks and improve their sustainability impact. We support companies to evaluate their physical climate risk. Our mission is to fill the gap with the climate data availability.