The meeting place for Cleantech Companies and Investors | May 18-19 2022 | Day 1 London, Day 2 Online



Aurelia Turbines manufacturers the most efficient small gas turbines in the world for multiple applications such as combined heat and power, steam process and O&G. The turbine can utilise a wide range of renewable and non-standard fuels.


BioCover has pioneered technology for reduction of agricultural ammonia emissions. They have received 6 international Awards and a total of 12 million Euro in development grants. They see a market opening in Germany due to policy change, and are seeking funding to scale up.


CamSES offers designing and testing of bespoke photocatalytic materials for water treatment, food and drink, air quality, and consumer-product industries. Our patented nanomaterials, offering unprecedented visible light activation and strongly enhanced pollutant and microorganism removal, can be incorporated into different materials which are tested using our unique benchmarking system


Eliq is a customer engagement company, providing energy suppliers with the next generation customer interfaces. By enabling consumers to optimise their in-home energy usage with machine-learning technology, their award-winning apps and Internet of Things products create the highest-level customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty in the market.


Finno Energy Oy Ltd is a Finnish cleantech startup company developing innovative, low-emissions, eco-friendly power production technology. Their microturbine can reach over 40 % electrical efficiency, over 20 % higher than any other microturbine in the market.


Pavegen is the global leader in harvesting energy and data from footfall. Our mission is to make our technology available to all communities, empowering people for a better world. Our patented technology connects people to sustainability and smart cities, creating powerful experiences which convert footsteps into off-grid energy, rich data and rewards.


With Luxhammar Technology any sustainable wood can be upgraded to reach the colour of tropical hard wood and the durability of arsenic-impregnated wood. All this without chemicals. By using thermally modified wood, the use of rainforest and chemically-treated wood can be reduced. Luxhammar owns the most advanced technology for this industry.


Meteor Power specialises in innovative electric vehicle power-train technology. Their latest development is a new generation of powerful electric motor with a built in rapid charger that is around 50% smaller than the competition, capable of charging a motorcycle in four minutes and a typical car in twelve to fifteen minutes


Open TRV have developed Radbot, a low cost, high impact device for reducing carbon emissions. It’s a smart TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) that’s fit-and-forget, keeping you warm and comfortable while saving you money.


Enval unlocks the potential of high performance materials by creating sustainable and economically viable end‑of‑life solutions. Our microwave induced pyrolysis process is the only method for recycling plastic aluminium laminates.


We use technology to shape energy. We optimise assets to create a vibrant edge of grid marketplace and an effective energy system for the future.


Colorifix is developing a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost effective manner using a synthetic biology based approach.


Visedo is changing the way the world moves with hybrid and electric propulsion for marine vessels and commercial vehicles. We’ve assembled the smartest minds in the industry to deliver the market’s most efficient technology and software. More power, less fuel, cleaner air.


Entomics transforms food waste into high value agricultural products… using insects as a conversion engine. Specifically, we develop functional insect-derived protein feeds for the European salmon aquaculture market, using a ‘hub and spoke’ network of insect rearing systems and centralised microbiological processing technology.


MSF Technologies is an advanced cleantech engineering company, delivering highly efficient technological products that address the long-term challenges of effective power generation and storage. Our technology delivers significant performance and cost benefits to the customer in the management of electric power and power systems.


Antaco is a multi-award winning Cleantech company that has pioneered one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly organic waste management solutions. Our technology offers advantages over conventional house cleaning in Colorado with our best cleaning products to make house smell good. With our technology proven, we have secured our first commercial contract.


Chalmor has been supply energy saving heating & lighting products and services for over 30 years to industry & commerce. We are experts in retrofitting modern technology to existing buildings in the most cost & energy effective way. Chalmor’s skills cover product development, implementation & are fully accredited.


We have developed a low-cost wireless system with a ZigBee hub, smart plugs, relays and a cloud-based dashboard and API. Demand Response aggregators, energy consultants and utilities can automatically manage their customers’ electrical devices to save energy, balance out intermittent renewables or to get paid under Demand Response (DR) schemes.


ecoRobotix develops revolutionary autonomous robots allowing to reduce negative impact of modern agriculture on the environment and making it more cost-effective. Hundreds of farmers have already expressed an interest in buying our machine, in a potential market of millions of robots worldwide.


The Cheeky Panda is a multi award winning company creating sustainable, skin friendly tissue paper products from Bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant. The Cheeky Panda® is for people who love to have fun, care about their well-being and are willing to help make the world a better place.