The best meeting place for Cleantech Companies and Investors | 12-13 June 2018 | Helsinki – Lahti, Finland



Resource Efficient Materials and Process

Paptic – Finland

Paptic Ltd is focusing on technology development and sales of renewable, recyclable and sustainable fibre based materials, and was established as a spin-off from VTT Technical Centre of Finland.


Smart Energy

Wasenco – Finland

Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger recovers heat without separation of blackwater from greywater. Ecowec makes heat recovery cost-efficient, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.



Manetos (Scypho) – Sweden

Disruptive innovation for smart circuit breakers. By replacing mechanics with electronics we can communicate, measure and control everything in a building.


It’s All About Energy

Solar Water Solutions – Finland

Company develops sustainable drinking and irrigation water on remote islands and desert locations.


Corporate Venture Speciality

Tanktwo – Finland

Tanktwo’s unique String Battery has variable, on-demand capacity, allowing the creation of low cost electric vehicles with hundreds of miles of range.